Google Nexus One Now Available for AT&T / Rogers 3G Networks

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Amongst reports that the Nexus One has had dismal sales figures, with than 150k units sold thus far, Operation Android is reporting the welcome news that the Google Nexus One is now available for use on AT&T and Rogers Canada's 3G wireless networks. Google (GOOG) and its shareholders are no doubt hoping that this new incarnation of the Nexus One will provide a boost to disappointing sales figures.

nexus one on at&t and rogers canada

When the Nexus One was originally released, it drew a fair bit of criticism for limiting its support for 3G bands, which excluded the device from use on wireless networks that depended in the 850, 1900, and 2100 MHz 3G bands. Those critics finally have gotten their wish, and can now happily pony up $529 for the Nexus One.

Operation Android reports that this new version of the Nexus One is currently being sold only directly through Google at this time, with no indication from AT&T or Rogers regarding whether subsidized pricing is on its way. Customers who purchase their Nexus One through Google at the full $529 purchase price are not subtract to any contract or plan requirements with AT&T or Rogers.

[via Operation Android]