Apple to Fix iPhone Location Tracking in iOS 4.3.3

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Two weeks ago a location tracking issue with iOS 4 GPS enabled devices came to light when data researchers discovered a file within the operating system that contained data about the phone's whereabouts. Not only did the file contain the phone's physical coordinates along with timestamps, but it was discovered that this information was transferred to iTunes every time a synch was performed. At the time Apple made no comments as to the purpose of the file or how to disable it. Most speculation leaned toward the file having something to do with future projects involving location based advertising. Whatever the case, there was a lot of media coverage and such Big Brother-ish activity raised concerns for consumers, so Apple has decided to address the issue with the next iOS update, iOS 4.3.3.

iOS 4.3.3 fixes location tracking issue

According to BGR's source at Apple, with iOS 4.3.3 the data file will no longer be backed up on iTunes when a synch is performed. The size of the location database will be reduced and it will be entirely deleted when location services are turned off. So although the file remains you will at least be able to turn it off if you are paranoid. The update will also make some improvements to battery life and fix some iPod bugs as well. iOS 4.3.3 is expected to be available sometime in the next few weeks.

[via BGR]