Target Re-Opens Nintendo Wii U Pre-Orders

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UPDATE 10/31 10:45am EDT: Pre-orders at Target have closed for the second time today. Keep monitoring the Wii U pre-order availability throughout the day. Given that Target already closed and re-opened pre-orders once today, there's no telling if it will happen again.


According to product monitoring service, Target has re-opened pre-ordering for the much sought after Nintendo Wii U. Pre-ordering was first opened for a very brief period of time earlier this morning, only to close again after a few short minutes, suggesting that the returned availability of pre-ordering was an error.

Nintendo Wii U Preorder

Pre-ordering is once again open however, for the Wii U 32GB Deluxe set. Pre-ordering for the 8GB console remains closed.

With pre-ordering options limited or non-existent for those hoping to get their hands on the Wii U this holiday season, customers are jumping on any new availability. Given there is no indication whether this most recent opportunity to reserve a Wii U for the holiday will last for minutes, hours or days, those interested in pre-ordering should move quickly.

You can, for the time being, click here to pre-order the 32GB Nintendo Wii U from Target.