PlayStation 4 Launch Edition Sold Out, Last Chance to Pre-Order

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The PlayStation 4 Launch Edition has sold out, however, Sony fans can still guarantee themselves a PS4 console on launch day by spending a little extra cash. Amazon is guaranteeing that both the Battlefield 4 and Killzone bundles will ship on the official PS4 release day. The bundles are $499, but include $10 off a year of PS Plus, and the respective games. You can still pre-order the Standard Edition PS4 for $399, but there is no guarantee when you will receive it. Amazon is also offering a Knack Launch Day Bundle with no PS Plus bonus for $450.

Playstation 4

This is possibly your last chance to pre-order a PS4 console for launch day. No other retailers are listing a release day guarantee on their websites. Pre-ordering from Amazon now, will insure you do not get stuck standing in line, or paying high scalper prices when the PS4 officially goes on sale. If you still haven't made up your mind on which console you are going to buy, you can still monitor both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One via the free online product tracker

Pre-Order the Playstation 4 Now, Find Out Where

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Only hours after Microsoft's Xbox One becoming available for pre-order, Sony has followed suit with the Playstation 4. Priced a full $100 less than the Xbox One, at $399, the Playstation 4 may see even higher demand than Microsoft's next generation console.

Playstation 4

While Sony has one-upped Microsoft on pricing, Microsoft will still hit the market before the PS4. The PS4 isn't slated to hit the streets until December 31, 2013, while the Xbox One will hit shelves in November.

Pre-Order Xbox One Games: Minecraft and More Now Available

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That was quick... Both Walmart and GameStop are now accepting pre-orders for the newly announced Xbox One games. Microsoft previewed several upcoming Xbox One games at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo on Monday. Some of the bigger titles announced included Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and the Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3. Microsoft also announced that the Xbox One would be available in November with some launch titles such as Ryse: Sun of Rome. Most of the announced games, and the Xbox One console itself, are now available for pre-order. Check out a few of the available pre-orders below, or hit the links above for a complete list.

Xbox One Game Pre-Orders

Minecraft (Xbox One) - Minecraft is coming to the Xbox One even though its creator Markus "Notch" Persson didn't have nice things to say about the next-generation console. The game is getting expanded multiplayer capabilities, and other upgrades that were not possible with the 360's limited RAM.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - The Xbox One version of the fantasy game will feature Kinect-based voice commands and 100 hours of open-world gameplay.

Pre-Order the Xbox One

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Minutes after we mentioned the Xbox One tracker, sent out alerts for pre-orders. Several retailers are now offering the "Xbox One Console: Day One Edition", and some are offering Xbox One console/game bundles. The "Day One Edition" is $499.99 and the bundles are $599.98. There is a Kinect Sports Rivals bundle, a Ryse: Son of Roman bundle and Dead Rising 3, which is an Xbox exclusive game. You can head on over to the Xbox One tracker to pre-order your Xbox One today.

Xbox One Pre-Orders

Microsoft announced the Xbox One would be available sometime this November for $500 at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo on Monday. Microsoft also announced several exclusive Xbox One games like Killer Instinct, and previewed others like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Some other big news included a Halo 2014 announcement, and that Minecraft is getting an upgrade for the Xbox One.

Dead Rising 3: E3 Trailer (Xbox One Exclusive)

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Microsoft unveiled several Xbox One exclusives at E3 2013 on Monday. One of those titles was the zombies game Dead Rising 3. The E3 announcement trailer was uploaded to the official Xbox YouTube page soon after the big event. Check it out below.

This new generation of zombies is deadlier and hungrier, so drive fast and look alive. Pick up whatever you can along the way, strap it to something else, and call it a weapon. The end of the world has never looked so fun.

Sign up for Xbox One Pre-Order Notifications

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Microsoft has just wrapped up its 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo press event, and there were a lot of big announcements. The most important news was about pricing and availability. The Xbox One gaming console will be available for $500 sometime this November. However, it's still unknown when retailers will start accepting pre-orders. Luckily, you can now sign up for Xbox One pre-order notifications via the Xbox One tracker. This free service will instantly notify you via email, desktop alarm or mobile alert when any retailer opens Xbox One pre-orders. This is much better than having to sign up for multiple retailer email notifications, and it gives you three ways to be notified instead of just one.

Xbox One Pre-Orders helped hundreds of Nintendo fans land a Wii U when it was sold out during the 2012 holiday shopping season, and smart holiday shoppers will be turning to it once again to help them land a Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Both new consoles are expected to be the hottest and hardest to find holiday items this year. Signing up for Xbox One notifications now will help insure your don't miss out when pre-orders are announced. It will also save you the aggravation of having to check retailer websites over and over. The service is 100% free and only it takes a few minutes to register, so there is no reason not to do it.

Metal Gear Solid V, Minecraft and More Xbox One Games Announced

Update: The Xbox One will be available this November for $500.

Now that the Xbox One hardware reveal is out of the way, Microsoft is busy unveiling its upcoming Xbox One games at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Konami kicked off the event by showing off the first Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer. The trailer didn't reveal many details, but it was mentioned that the game would feature open-world gameplay. Metal Gear V will not be an Xbox One exclusive like some outlets accidentally reported.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Microsoft announced that Ryse: Son of Roman will be a launch day title, and an updated version of Minecraft will be available for the Xbox One. The Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will feature expanded multiplayer capabilities and massively larger worlds that weren't possible on the 360. It was also revealed that Killer Instinct will be an Xbox One exclusive.

Disney Infinity Monster Truck Ready for its E3 Debut

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There doesn't seem to be much excitement over Disney's upcoming Disney Infinity video game. Pre-orders opened in early March to little fanfare, but that hasn't stopped its Executive Producer John Vignocchi from rolling out the big guns at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. MTV Geek got a first look at the Disney Infinity "Cinderella's Coach/Monster Truck mash-up". Vignocchi's said the purpose of the truck is to show what's possible when the various worlds of Disney collide.

Disney Infinity

Other highlights of Disney's E3 booth include a life sized version of the Infinity base, and "new characters like Wreck It Ralph and Tonto mixing it up with old favorites like Bullseye from Toy Story and Stitch."

Disney Infinity is virtual “toy box" video game that allows players to mix and match popular Disney characters. The game is a lot like Activision's popular Skylanders franchise, where players can buy individual toys based on Disney characters to interact with the game. For example, players can use the Mrs. Incredible action figure to play as her character in the virtual Toy Story world, and so on.

Skylanders Swap Force Headed to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One [Pre-Order]

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The next-generation Skylander toys will be unveiled at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo next week. Players will be able to swap the top and bottom halves of the new Skylanders SWAP Force toys to create more than 250 different character combinations. Even better, Skylanders fans will be able to use previous characters from both Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders Giants with the new edition of the game.

Skylanders Swap Force

GameStop is already accepting pre-orders for Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Packs for the PS3, 360, Wii, Wii U, and 3DS. The new Skylanders game and toys will be available in North America on October 13. You can also sign up to be notified for the character packs. There will be 32 never-before-seen characters with all new powers and abilities. There were a lot of hard-to-find and sold out characters from last year's Skylanders Giants, so you'll want to sign up for pre-order notifications as soon as possible.

Sony Bribes Minecraft Creator with Gold PlayStation

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Sony has its sights set on Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of the popular Minecraft game. Persson received a gold PlayStation as a VIP invite to Sony's upcoming E3 event. Minecraft broke records by selling over 6 million copies for the Xbox 360, but the game was never released for the PS3. This also isn't the first time Sony has tried to bribe Persson.

Sony E3 2013

"Sony also once sent me an original copy of Dungeon Master 2 they had lying around for some reason," tweeted Persson after he received his E3 invite. "They sure know how to bribe nerds."

Sony is hoping Persson decides to jump ship after he expressed his displeasure with the Xbox One on Twitter.

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