Case-Mate Announces New iPhone 5S and 5C Case Collections

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That didn't take long. A few hours after Apple announced that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C would be shipping on September 20, accessory maker Case-Mate announced its all new next-generation case collections... And there is something for everyone!

NAKED TOUGH for iPhone 5/5S

Since it has the same form factor as its predecessor, the now discontinued iPhone 5, Case-Mate has extended its Naked Tough collection to include the iPhone 5S. The Naked Tough case's smooth transparent finish and ultra slim design is perfect for protecting your new iPhone 5S, and showing off its new silver and gold colors.

Sony Officially Announces DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 Smartphone "Lens Cameras"

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Out of all the products Sony announced today at IFA , the Sony lens cameras for both Android and iOS devices may be the most interesting and hardest to describe. The Sony DSC-QX10 and Sony DSC-QX100 are basically mini-cameras that attach to your smartphone to improve your device's picture taking capabilities. Both lens cameras connect to your mobile device via Wi-Fi/NFC, and allow you to access all their features using Sony's PlayMemories app. The cameras can also be used separately on their own to snap DSLR-quality pictures or capture 1080/30p HD video in MP4 format.

Sony Lens Cameras for Smartphones

The DSC-QX10 transforms your smartphone into a 10x optical zoom camera, and features a back-illuminated 18MP 1 / 2.3" Exmor R CMOS sensor with image stabilization. The DSC-QX100 is equipped with a 20.2MP sensor and a Carl Zeiss f/1.8 lens. Sony promises that both lens cameras will work well in low light situations, and will help you to capture higher quality images and video with your smartphone. The lens cameras also support many popular iOS and Android photo applications.

Here's Another Leaked iPhone 5C Image, This Time in Blue

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The rumored iPhone 5C may be one of the most leaked Apple products in recent memory. It has been leaked in numerous images and videos, and we have seen it in almost every available color. The latest iPhone 5C photo comes from Tactus, who claims the iPhone 5C will be available in black, white, pink, yellow, blue and red. A previous leak of the iPhone 5C's volume buttons suggested that the low budget device would be available in green, yellow, blue and red. Apple currently sells the iPod touch in black, white, pink, yellow, blue and red.

iPhone 5C Blue

Apple to Manufacture an Entire Lineup of Macs in the US

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Apple CEO Tim Cook told Brian Williams Apple will manufacture an entire lineup of Macs in the United States in 2013. When asked by Williams why Apple "can't be a made in America company" Cook replied that the engine and glass of the iPhone are produced in America, before adding ""we will do one of our existing Mac lines in the United States". Cook did not specify what lineup of Macs Apple will produce in the U.S. The entire interview will air on December 6, at 10 pm / 9c on NBC's Rock Center.

Apple iMac

Apple to Fix iPhone Location Tracking in iOS 4.3.3

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Two weeks ago a location tracking issue with iOS 4 GPS enabled devices came to light when data researchers discovered a file within the operating system that contained data about the phone's whereabouts. Not only did the file contain the phone's physical coordinates along with timestamps, but it was discovered that this information was transferred to iTunes every time a synch was performed. At the time Apple made no comments as to the purpose of the file or how to disable it. Most speculation leaned toward the file having something to do with future projects involving location based advertising. Whatever the case, there was a lot of media coverage and such Big Brother-ish activity raised concerns for consumers, so Apple has decided to address the issue with the next iOS update, iOS 4.3.3.

iOS 4.3.3 fixes location tracking issue

According to BGR's source at Apple, with iOS 4.3.3 the data file will no longer be backed up on iTunes when a synch is performed. The size of the location database will be reduced and it will be entirely

All iPhone 5 Rumors Nicely Presented

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Just like its predecessors, the announcement of the iPhone 5 has spawned no shortage of speculation and rumors. The good Frenchmen at Nowhere Else have gathered them all and displayed them in a chart along with probabilities for each rumor. Some of the rumors seem like definites, some seem more likely than others, some sound like plain crazy talk.

iPhone 5 rumors

Among the plethora of rumors is an upgrade from a 5 Mpx camera (currently in the iPhone 4) to an 8 Mpx camera, a bigger screen (4" - 5" diagonal) and better resolution. The glass back may be replaced with brushed metal and the overall design may be similar to the iPad 2. The Home button may be dropped, 64 Gb models may be available as well as full... (view full chart after jump)

iPad Launch to be Delayed Up to a Month?

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A recent article on the iPad blog, The iPad Guide, details the contents of a recent letter to investors from Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek which reports that the launch of the Apple iPad will be either delayed up to a full month or limited to the United States only. Though unconfirmed, the letter from Misek warns investors that Apple may have less than a third of the 1 million unit iPad inventory it has announced it would have come the March iPad release date.

ipad launch delayed?

The source of the delay is an "unspecified production problem" leading to production bottlenecks that is greatly reducing the number of units being produced by

Bing to Become iPhone Default Search Engine?

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As the rivalry heats up between Apple and Google, Apple has entered talks with Microsoft to replace Google with Bing as the iPhone's default search engine. With Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Apple's board the two companies have partnered in the past, but he is no longer on the board and there is now direct competition between the two giants.

Apple Google rivalry

Google's introduction of the Android OS was the first sign that a serious rivalry was in the making. Now Google has introduced the Nexus One, a mobile device that will directly compete with the iPhone in the smart phone market. Apple has pushed back by getting involved in ad placement on its mobile devices, which is Google ad-serving territory. Apple has also recently refused to approve two Google apps

Apple iPhone 2009 Arrives July 17th, Features OLED Display

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Some new rumors about Apple's newest incarnation of the iPhone have surfaced in the past 24 hours concerning a release date and details on some of the new features. According to a source closely connected to Apple's hardware team the iPhone 2009 is set to launch on July 17th.

Apple iPhone 2009

Although some are describing the upgrade as "minor," judge for yourself... The new iPhone will supposedly be equipped with an OLED screen, which in my opinion is pretty major. OLEDs emit light,

New iPhone Specs Leaked

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It looks like some of the next generation iPhone's specs are beginning to show up around the web. Macrumors has apparently been monitoring the Chinese forum Weiphone and has found something of note - a screenshot and a list of some features and specs.

new iPhone screenshot

Earlier this month a forum poster on uploaded what is claimed to be a screenshot from a next generation iPhone with a "MB717LL" model number. It appears to have 32 GB of storage. The original poster also made a few other claims... In addition to the 32 gigs of storage the new iPhone will have a 600MHz CPU Speed (up from 400MHz) and 256MB RAM (up from 128MB). The phone will also

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