Verizon to Close App Store in 2013

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Verizon announced today it will begin removing Verizon Apps applications from all compatible Android and Research in Motion devices in January 2013. Verizon did not give a specific reason for the decision, but did mention "a whole new tech landscape in which both consumers and developers can interact like never before." The rise in popularity of app stores like Google PLAY is the most likely reason for the closure.

Verizon App Store

Verizon hopes to complete the process by March 27, 2013. The wireless carrier also noted that most Verizon Apps are already available on multiple app storefronts, such as Google PLAY, Amazon and BlackBerry App World.

PhoneIt iPad Turns iPad Into Giant Phone

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No need for your smart phone anymore now that the folks at iPhoneIslam (also the creators of Face Time 3G) have developed PhoneIt-iPad, an app that turns your iPad into a fully functioning phone. The app allows you to send and receive both calls and texts. All you need is a 3G iPad (with iOS 4.3.3) with a 3G SIM card (rather than the normal data SIM card) and the app. The app is $20 and you won't find it in the App Store since it requires a jailbroken iPad. You can find it at the Cydia store. Check out the video after the break...

Android Market to Surpass iPhone App Store by July

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According to a recent report released by Distimo, a Utrecht, Netherlands based app store analytics firm, the Android Market will overtake Apple's App Store in number of apps available by this July. Android Market's growth rate is clearly outpacing the App Store's and has been doing so since January. In fact, the Android Market surpassed the App Store in number of free apps in March (134,342 free apps vs. 121,845). According to the report, the "Google Android Market is predicted to have only 40,000 applications less than the Apple App Store for iPhone by the end of June 2011, and will close the remaining gap before the end of July 2011."

Android Market to Surpass App Store

Not only will the Android Market surpass the App Store in terms of smartphone apps, but Distimo projects that "if all application stores maintain their current growth pace, approximately five months from now Google Android Market will be the largest store in terms of number of applications followed by the

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