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IBM's Watson Impressive in Jeopardy Debut

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It's not time to head for the hills just yet... Although IBM's Watson performed admirably in the first day of a three day, two game tournament against former Jeopardy greats Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, there are clearly some kinks that need to be worked out.

IBM's Watson Avatar

Watson jumped out to an early lead, ringing in and questioning in a Douglas Rain-esque voice, "What is shoe?" to an answer that involved a four letter word for the shielding on a horse's hoof. Watson then chose another clue that turned out to be a daily double, which he immediately made a true daily double by betting the max of $1000. I don't quite remember the exact answer but Watson responded "Who is Hyde?" referring to Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, which was correct. Then he was off to the races. The next question was a fill in the blank type with Beatles' lyrics to which Watson responded "Who is Jude?" Then there was a question about Michael Phelps that he got right and so on. Just before the commercial

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