PhoneIt iPad Turns iPad Into Giant Phone

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No need for your smart phone anymore now that the folks at iPhoneIslam (also the creators of Face Time 3G) have developed PhoneIt-iPad, an app that turns your iPad into a fully functioning phone. The app allows you to send and receive both calls and texts. All you need is a 3G iPad (with iOS 4.3.3) with a 3G SIM card (rather than the normal data SIM card) and the app. The app is $20 and you won't find it in the App Store since it requires a jailbroken iPad. You can find it at the Cydia store. Check out the video after the break...

iPad Launch to be Delayed Up to a Month?

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A recent article on the iPad blog, The iPad Guide, details the contents of a recent letter to investors from Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek which reports that the launch of the Apple iPad will be either delayed up to a full month or limited to the United States only. Though unconfirmed, the letter from Misek warns investors that Apple may have less than a third of the 1 million unit iPad inventory it has announced it would have come the March iPad release date.

ipad launch delayed?

The source of the delay is an "unspecified production problem" leading to production bottlenecks that is greatly reducing the number of units being produced by

Make Your iPhone or iPod Touch Look Just Like the iPad!

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Apple's brand new iPad was finally unveiled earlier this week to mixed reviews. Many critics view it as just a huge iPhone (without the phone part) with no camera and no Flash (isn't one of the ideas of the bigger display for a better web experience? How many websites use Flash?). Despite those drawbacks the iPad does, as you would expect from an Apple device, have a very aesthetically pleasing design and UI, and the UI is now portable to your other Apple devices

If you want your iPhone or iPod Touch to mimic the iPad, it can now be done - you can have the iPad UI including the iBooks shelf, the springboard wallpaper, the same lockscreen, a carrier logo that says "iPad" , the Kindle book catalog and a NY Times reader plus a few more small touches.

iPad UI for iPhone

The iPad is kind of like a jumbo-sized iPhone/iPod Touch with a few more apps, including the iWorks suite and the iBooks Store. It basically has the same feel since it also runs on the same iPhone OS 3.2, with just small differences here and there. Thus making the transition is not too difficult. You need your

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