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iPhone Insurance: Don't Fall for AT&T's Mobile Protect Plan

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So, by now you've dropped your iPhone 4 at least a few times. Hopefully, you've escaped dings and scratches, or worse. What's become entirely clear is: you need some sort of protection for this fragile, $500+ investment you carry around everywhere you go. Long gone are the days of wireless providers offering affordable insurance plans in the order of $3-5 a month, with cheap deductibles to keep bad nerves about your cell phone at bay.

don't fall for AT&T's mobile protect iphone insurance

Enter AT&T and their partner, Asurion, to squelch customer concerns about breaking their iPhones with the new Mobile Protect iPhone insurance plan. Really? No. As it turns out, AT&T and Asurion's Mobile Protect plan is a bad deal in every way (not just because of the whopping $11.99 a month price tag), but for many other reasons including what is actually covered, unreasonably high deductibles and more.

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