Shannon Black
Mrs Black was assistant of international business law. She quitted being assistant because of her family firm. Now Shannon is going traveling the country to promote and advertise their product and idea. She is keeping her hobby of writing.
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Danny Collins
Danny, former teacher of science. After more than 40 years of practice, now he is happily retired. Now he’s writer part time and helps us with his experience.
Favorite topics: solar energy, electric engines, physics and etc.
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Martha Paddon
As a kid, Martha’s hobby was recycling and taking care of the environment. Now her hobby become her passion. And grew to a new level – to be a mentor and a writer of green economy. Most of her time she spends writing articles and spreading this idea of making the world a better place. She learned some of this sphere through her student years in University Of Illinois.
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John Hoffman
Education – journalistics and writer. Interested in US stock and bond markets. Spend most of his time searching “the hot spots” and finding exclusive news. Worked for a local jоurnal.
He specializes in financial markets.
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Annabelle Johnson
Writer, critic, local musician. Couple Articles in local magazine.
Annabelle recommends a famous phrase: ” Don’t try to write a book. Just write, every day, for as much time as you can. ” – You can applying the same rule for playing on an instrument. Composing isn’t a one time deal. Same with the trading!
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Jerrie Dane
Graduated University of Oklahoma, with several years of experience as a writer, with a couple of years as a blogger in financial field, Jerrie is now sharing all of his knowledge of stock markets. He’s diversified author because of his interests in Forex markets, in crypto currencies and etc.
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